Legenda history and information

Formed in 1999 by a volunteer group in Latvia to search the battlefields of Kurland (Latvia) for lost and missing German and Russian solders who fought there in world war 2 we have recovered hundreds in the last 15 years many of whom have been identified and relatives informed of there discovery.

We are all volunteers and do this hard and sometimes perilous work giving up our free time and also funding our own expedition’s to pursue this noble cause but feel its a worthy thing to do to find these lost soldiers and hopefully give them a proper burial and if possible find a relative to give them some closure for there missing loved one.

Since our inception in 1999 our membership has blossomed and we now have people coming to help us from as far a field as Canada and the US we also have members from Norway, Sweden the UK and other European countries.

Legenda is one of the few non German search groups working today  searching for missing German and Russian soldiers.

All Russian soldiers recovered by Legenda are collected then buried in a ceremony every April in a town near Riga with full military honours and attended by high ranking dignitaries from the Latvian and Russian governments.

All German soldiers recovered by Legenda are handed over to the German war graves commission for re burial in various cemeteries throughout Latvia.

Legenda members are all well versed in the dangers of live ordinance and know the correct procedures to employ when handling them and all live ordinance found is collected and disposed of by army engineers.

Legenda members follow all the correct legal procecces and recovery procedures regarding the exhumation of any human remains discovered.

Legenda do not and never will prescribe to battlefield looting and so called black digging were soldiers remains are desecrated and items found on them stolen and sold illegally.

Legenda adhere to Latvian government laws and regional laws when searching and obtain all relevant permissions and permits from the authorities before begining any recovery work.

We also work in close cooperation with the Latvian,Russian and German war graves commissions.

Searching any battlefield without legal permission and permits or without the relevant experience that Legenda has is extremely dangerous and highly illegal and we strongly advise anyone who foolishly attempts this practice or is thinking of coming to Latvia to illegally dig to think twice about it as you could get in to serious trouble with the authorities and worse still you may seriously injure yourself as the battlefields are still littered with dangerous unexploded ordinance which is extremely volatile when misshandled also if you get caught illegally digging in Latvia you could face 4 years in prison.



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  1. Who do I contact … to report were my grandfather buried bodies … German & Russian

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