About Legenda


In 1999 a Latvian voluntary military archaeology group formed an organisation to search the battlefields of Latvia for missing soldiers from WW1 and WW2.

There aim is to search, recover and identify Russian and German soldiers from both conflicts hence was born Legenda..

Legenda has volunteers from many countries who help them in this invaluable work.


4 Responses to About Legenda

  1. Terry Hatch says:


    I am a very keen Ww2 military amateur historian from England who works within UK archaeology as a digger operator. I am interested in working as a volunteer in Latvia with your group. How can I join?

  2. victor voysey says:

    Hi I’m very keen in volunteering for legenda I’m not the most experienced but history is my thing and preservation is key and after seeing your team handle digs and the way you care for artifacts and fallen soldiers of all nations is truly amazing is there anyway I can join 🙂

    • Legenda says:

      Hi Victor as you can imagine we get lots of requests to come and help us which is greatly appreciated but unfortunately we have a strict policy of who we can invite due to various reasons including numbers,safety, laws etc and we also have a members recommendation policy in place so sadly we cannot grant you place at this time.
      Thanks again for your interest.
      Kind regards

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