Repatriation of fallen soldiers

After a lot of hard work which has taken Legenda 4 years to be complete in Russia we have exhumed many soldiers from a  Latvian SS cemetery which was plundered by “Black Diggers” who are grave robbers that destroy graves, steal relics and then illegally sell them on the black market giving us little chance of identifying any soldiers remains.

And because the cemetery over the years has become a swamp we didn’t think it was possible to recover these soldiers.

We do this difficult  work  because we love our small country and care about finding these lost soldiers before they are lost forever.

If you do something difficult… and you don’t think about it to much….  you will earn something for that work… pride for yourself and your country…. and your homeland will becomes stronger… Legenda live by these ideas and principal…… 

Some ignorant and misinformed people say that we are carrying out our work in the wrong way, and we are not doing it for science purposes but that doesn’t mean we are wrong to search and recover the missing ! we are doing it with much care and respect and our thoughts are for any living relatives of these lost soldiers and hopefully through our work we can find there missing loved ones.

We recovered 236 lost soldiers giving some comfort to there families and now they have been found they have a place to rest in peace and a place for the families to visit.

When we see and meet relatives of a fallen soldier, for whom we have helped solve a 70-75 year mystery and give closure to the tragedy of there family…. We are happy!

Link to the Facebook Story :


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