2014 Expidition

Another successful recovery trip to Kurland with nearly 30 soldiers recovered who will hopefully be identified and laid to rest with the dignity and respect they deserve.

A few words from Legenda member Inka Holmes :

This year’s international expedition is just over and the participants are safely back to their homes, tired and Muddy. In a marshy forest there was a Shell crater where a soviet soldier laid. It was dug open and to everybody’s surprise there was not a bone to see, but still, the soldier was there. The soil conditions had preserved and partly mummified the body!! After this somewhat shocking start the expedition went on to discover a forgotten Field cemetery on a farmer’s Field. Here was 27 German soldiers found and recovered. Many of their dog tags was located which mean they will be identified and get a named grave on one of the official war cemeteries in Latvia. We was also very Lucky With the weather this year , +10 -15 Celsius and cloudy sky which is Perfect for digging and the last day when we as searching for fallen in a trench and bunker system the clouds dispersed and the sun made it exhausting to work. All in all a very good week where we got to do the job we came for and we had fun and some new friendships was forged

Inka Holmes




Links to Photos and other media from the trip :





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