Burial of recovered russian solders that took place in Riga on the 26th April all found in 2013/14

10273005_704133096313382_1547820818_o 10285215_704133099646715_1914499022_o 10285695_704133102980048_404420836_o 10289202_704133082980050_140143741_o 10309916_704133142980044_1671417359_o 10320006_704133116313380_1008217299_o 10323468_704133112980047_526352759_o 10328095_704133106313381_317147008_o 10330767_704133076313384_840012756_o 10330982_704133119646713_1900198653_o

After all the negative press recently would like you all to look at these photos and remember this is the reason we search the forests for this one day once a year when the lost are remembered and re buried with dignity and respect.

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