New Searching trips

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  1. samarkeolog says:

    Thank you for your (removed(?)) statement. I hope you understand that critics of the programme are not critics of Legenda. We do know that you are well-meaning volunteers; that you are trying to give a proper burial to fallen soldiers and to give comfort to their families; and that you do not have the time, training or resources of professional organisations. We really do appreciate it.

    The reason you have been the subject of some criticism is because the programme stated that the excavations were done with you, and that they were supervised by you. In fact, before you were identified as their supervisors, people were using you as examples of good work.

    • Thank you for your kind words and we really appreciate your positive comments regarding this delicate issue.
      I am am sure by now you are aware that the show has been pulled from the Nat geo channel which we are happy about as the whole thing has been a PR disaster from the start and has put us in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.
      We hope it hasn’t damaged what we are trying to do in Kurland to much and think Nat Geo have come out of this very badly and its a shame a few of the presenters have also been hung out to dry by them.
      We will keep doing what we do in Kurland to the best of our abilities but have learnt lessons ourselves from all this.
      I removed the statement this morning due to the show being cancelled.
      I hope you continue to use us as a good example of this work and would appreciate any help or advise you could give us to prevent this debacle happening again.
      Kind Regards
      M McDermott

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