Kurland German helmet restoration project

This Helmet was found in 2012 in the side of a German bunker on it own with no remains and was donated for a restoration project to Tim Poppa.
As you can see the process goes from the as found relic helmet to an almost new looking SS helmet.

Details and markings found :
Shell : CKL 64 – 3371
Liner : R B Nr 0102350111 – 1944 – 64 n A | 56
Split pins : SS 44 , SS and one non cleaned
With special Thanks to Tim Poppa for allowing these photos and details to be published and his amazing effort in restoring this Helmet.

72296_544817855603946_1949750120_n 1391433_544817912270607_1225987245_n 1395400_544817825603949_1322095311_n 1395794_544818022270596_1045206135_n 1394350_10151746434429080_1987116501_n 1461249_545773602175038_1280581831_n 1463114_545773555508376_1451124411_n 1450295_545951802157218_2120086322_n 1462886_545845848834480_1605551325_n1450893_544817835603948_497115166_n 1450683_544817875603944_1598757205_n 1456787_545773638841701_1797850867_n 1424346_10151746435324080_1594885659_n 1459814_545951725490559_943098428_n 1394394_546506735435058_1689766058_n 1463141_545773738841691_468920150_n 1476580_545774012174997_577613471_n 1476330_545773672175031_414900999_n 1472919_545951765490555_563979822_n 598436_546003232152075_2021012761_n 946070_547416802010718_1004769825_n 1450986_545516145534117_239455334_n 1451568_547416912010707_2088514038_n 1476229_547416868677378_598426500_n 1470385_547417005344031_1339633181_n 1477649_546506708768394_347508002_n 1458551_547416742010724_1090219367_n 1469810_547416828677382_841308959_n 941855_546646468754418_679875194_n 1451558_546027392149659_935466536_n 1476262_547416775344054_1131430835_n 555570_546506685435063_1509110897_n 1452236_546843792068019_1010855835_n 1394120_546646382087760_1679778463_n 1471789_546843712068027_1959801005_n

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2 Responses to Kurland German helmet restoration project

  1. Henrik says:

    All that time and effort you put into it, and yet you managed to misplace the decal…

    • Legenda says:

      Hi Henrick
      Yes we thought the same ! The helmet was donated for restoration which we had no input in and he did a great job but as you say decal in the wrong place not sure why to be fair will ask him and let you know.
      Kind regards

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