Recently recovered Kurland relics

These Items where all found by our digging colleague Maris this weekend in the Kurland pocket.

This German Helmet was brought back home from last weekend trip around Kurland pocket…
Clear evidence that also in Kurland pocket we had our own camo helmets!!
Lifted it up from a 1m deep sand fox hole quite far away from front line!
An old man who lives there told me that it might have belonged to one of German Einsaztkomandos groups who operated in this area having been involved in forest fights against Russian partisans!
Yesterday it was cleaned as much as possible and  a wax cover put on it.



1374719_547832948624425_1154953998_n 1453521_547832735291113_189801368_n 1454632_547833081957745_781458661_n


These relics where found in one small bunker in an area where NORDLANDS operated! There were no remains with these item and all items were laying on floor of the Bunker.
SS visor eagle felt apart but still looks impressive…..(made of thick cooper -silver plated).. with clearly visible silver remains.
Ring is silver made-without markings but we recognize the NORWEGIAN flag and runes and its all hand cut.



1425519_547834771957576_1135177367_n 1425543_547834601957593_171055044_n 1450750_547834715290915_1936600832_n1459988_547834851957568_107300372_n 1477879_547834948624225_1934300238_n 1474599_547834658624254_450627482_n

Another winter Camo found 2 weeks ago in Kurland that is named and still has the white cam wash on it.



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  1. Thanks for your kind words think it’s the ground as I know in France a lot if limestone and chalk not good for preserving metal !! But in Latvia very marshy and cold ground almost permafrost and low oxygen hence why metal is well preserved

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