Welcome to Kurland Legends

Welcome To Legenda military Archaeology Blog


Grossdeutchland German Soldier

In 1999 a group of Latvian military archaeologists formed an organisation to search the battlefields of Latvia for missing soldiers from WW1 and WW2. There aim is to search, recover and identify Russian and German soldiers from both conflicts hence was born Legenda.


The deeper we dig, the less is clear Sometimes I sit and think about how stupid man is what all will he think up in order to send someone else to the gods? When I came out of the forest after the battles, our family was hiding there, I saw them here. At home there were fallen soldiers, around the house. They were blown up, and the smallest breeze brought an unbearable stink of rotting human flesh to the entire region. My father and I rolled them down the stairs, and we tossed them into the grenade-torn ditches that were all around…

KL_German cemetery near Saldus

(German cemetery near Saldus)

Facebook Link : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Military-archeology-Legenda-Latvia/224779244335847

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