Legenda donations


Legenda are a Latvian/international group of volunteers who search the battlefields of Latvia for missing soldiers from WW1 and WW2.

We are all volunteers and receive no funding to do this invaluble work.

We are not crowd funding to pay for our volunteers trips to search as they are happy to fund this themselves but are looking for funding for the following : 

Equipment Hire




Funeral expenses 

Any donations large or small are very gratefully received and could help bring closure for these soldiers and their living relatives. Thank you.

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2018 June expedition

The big international expedition of 2018 is finished.

We found and exhumed two Imperial Russian mass graves from WWI where we found 10 soldiers, MIA German WWI soldier in shallow field grave a lost WWII German cemetery from which we recovered 16 soldiers and one lost Soviet mass grave where are more than 80 soldiers but we are not sure on the number as the work is still in progress and on the last day we have found one Latvian SS soldier buried in trench.

A full expedition report from Legenda member Inka Holmes/ Hobbyhistorica :



Also see our Facebook page for more info on this expedition.







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Legenda 2018 news




Greetings from all of us at Legenda, the season for searching is nearly here again as the weather is improving and the days are getting longer so we hope to find and recover more missing soldiers in 2018 and give them the respect and proper burial they deserve.

We will post what we find and keep you up to date with the progress of all our expeditions and burials that are planned for this year.

Best wishes from all of us at Legenda.



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Competition winners

Thankyou to everyone who participated in our competition and in purchasing a ticket you have helped us to continue the work we do in the recovery of lost soldiers.


the winners are :

1st prize to join us next year was won by Jason karlen

We look forward to seeing you next year.

2nd prize of a helmet and a signed legenda diggers book was won by Andre Van stuiveberg.

3rd prize of a signed legenda diggers book was won by Marc Brockers.

Congratulations to all our winners and again thanks to everyone who entered.






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Legenda Autumn Expididtion 2016

Please click on the Link below to see a full report of our most recent expedition in Latvia.


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Legenda Spring expedition 2016

13342080_10153599744049080_138814360_n 13342168_10153599744109080_89652074_n 13342220_10153599744444080_1737253202_n 13342245_10153599743989080_718578967_n 13342260_10153599744064080_1262662681_n 13348945_10153599742884080_2020279687_n 13349123_10153599744084080_1389364092_n 13349164_10153599744124080_2020879632_n 13349237_10153599744469080_1850010570_n 13382264_10153599743934080_1888573820_n 13382297_10153599744529080_1422462511_n 13384679_10153599741714080_377646452_n 13384752_10153599744099080_1731372122_n 13384756_10153599742559080_655751133_n 13384818_10153599743704080_913141491_n 13384833_10153599743144080_1080663012_n 13384878_10153599744459080_550136199_n 13384915_10153599744554080_1101146975_n 13384929_10153599743804080_398922348_n 13390868_10153599743834080_117068779_n 13393069_10153599744164080_710031893_n 13393097_10153599744144080_1576554482_n 13393146_10153599741799080_1350071903_n 13393187_10153599744489080_708374537_n 13393221_10153599742294080_687604514_n 13393255_10153599743859080_773621214_n 13393458_10153599744574080_255452087_n 13393532_10153599742399080_1805560845_n 13400964_10153599742954080_1137006001_n 13401082_10153599743599080_1504989863_n 13401130_10153599743684080_2074123975_n 13401135_10153599742124080_755979685_n 13401164_10153599743534080_889467301_n 13401195_10153599742209080_1420865677_n


Hobbyhistorica link to Spring expedition :


http://www.hobbyhistorica.com/kurlandlatvia/international-spring-expedition-201613342262_10153599741404080_117805140_n 13342428_10153599741474080_1759804965_n 13348715_10153599743194080_587861425_n 13348721_10153599742029080_266562223_n 13348944_10153599741879080_1448181710_n 13348945_10153599742884080_2020279687_n 13348967_10153599741519080_718255116_n 13348970_10153599742344080_334216404_n 13349179_10153599741584080_1168391195_n 13349236_10153599743094080_1245062334_n 13384679_10153599741714080_377646452_n 13384756_10153599742559080_655751133_n 13384833_10153599743144080_1080663012_n 13384901_10153599741904080_640042238_n 13390756_10153599742169080_940836362_n 13390980_10153599742744080_1595656239_n 13393067_10153599741629080_1230635572_n 13393146_10153599741799080_1350071903_n 13393221_10153599742294080_687604514_n 13393299_10153599741979080_708268376_n 13393344_10153599742619080_721419450_n 13393358_10153599743074080_1539099600_n 13393370_10153599742659080_2106425763_n 13393532_10153599742399080_1805560845_n 13400964_10153599742954080_1137006001_n 13401135_10153599742124080_755979685_n 13401195_10153599742209080_1420865677_n

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Repatriation of fallen soldiers

After a lot of hard work which has taken Legenda 4 years to be complete in Russia we have exhumed many soldiers from a  Latvian SS cemetery which was plundered by “Black Diggers” who are grave robbers that destroy graves, steal relics and then illegally sell them on the black market giving us little chance of identifying any soldiers remains.

And because the cemetery over the years has become a swamp we didn’t think it was possible to recover these soldiers.

We do this difficult  work  because we love our small country and care about finding these lost soldiers before they are lost forever.

If you do something difficult… and you don’t think about it to much….  you will earn something for that work… pride for yourself and your country…. and your homeland will becomes stronger… Legenda live by these ideas and principal…… 

Some ignorant and misinformed people say that we are carrying out our work in the wrong way, and we are not doing it for science purposes but that doesn’t mean we are wrong to search and recover the missing ! we are doing it with much care and respect and our thoughts are for any living relatives of these lost soldiers and hopefully through our work we can find there missing loved ones.

We recovered 236 lost soldiers giving some comfort to there families and now they have been found they have a place to rest in peace and a place for the families to visit.

When we see and meet relatives of a fallen soldier, for whom we have helped solve a 70-75 year mystery and give closure to the tragedy of there family…. We are happy!

Link to the Facebook Story :



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